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On view

At home with Linda Tol & Renwe Jules




How did you meet?
I was introduced to him by a mutual friend. A few weeks later I bumped into him at the subway station. It was my first day of school. My school was located a few blocks from his apartment. He was chatting with a girl. He was annoyed by the fact she walked away when I started talking to him. 


Was it love at first sight? 
No after the introduction and the moment at the subway station we started chatting on MSN. We talked for about half a year before our first official date. 


And what would you say you bonded over?
We both had the feeling we knew each other for years (since we talked so much on MSN). I loved his energy. 


When did you decide to work together?
From the moment we decided to move to Milan. We decided to work together fulltime. I love working with Renwe. We are a great team. He knows what I like and if I'm not happy with the result of a project/picture it's easy to reshoot. No one knows me better than him. My job is all about personality. It's easy for him to capture my real self. 


What is the most challenging part of working together?
The balance between work and our personal life. We are always working. It's hard not to think and talk about work 24/7. It's important to plan moments together and to enjoy those moments as a couple. 


How does he complement you professionally?
He's very patient. I love his positive energy. He always calms me down when I'm stressed or when I lose my focus. He helps when I lose my balance. And next to that he's my biggest supporter. 

‘He always calms me down when I'm stressed or when I lose my focus. He helps when I lose my balance. And next to that he's my biggest supporter.'




How would you describe your own interior style? And do you and Renwe have the same kind of taste in interior?
We both love neutral colors, like white, cream or light gray and beige color tones. Warm and woody neutrals. It's modern but classic at the same time. We have the same taste in interior. Renwe likes to add some colors now and then. I buy flowers to add color or colored candles. We changed our interior style over the years. But we are both in our style more sophisticated now. 


Who do you think has great taste in interiors?
Marieke Meulendijks. I love her house. Casa Gitane and Fundamente Interior are a big source of inspiration for me 2. 


You have such an incredible home. Let’s talk about your favourite things you have in here. What are they and why
Most sentimental piece: Fritz Hansen PK 22 chair. Our first design chair. We moved it from Milan to Amsterdam. 


Most precious possession:
All my designer chairs. Because I saved money for them. 


Most artistic piece:


Most fashionable item:
Vases. I love to change them now and then


How do you spend a day at home?
Right now we are still finalizing everything. It will take some more months before it's officially ready. But I usually wake up around 8.00 am. I prepare breakfast. We check our emails and we work until 11.00. Then we enjoy a coffee break. (Renwe is the best barista) We go out to shoot 2 hours. We prepare lunch at home. We check our email again. In the afternoon we work in the garden or in the house. We need to hang paintings, curtains. There is still so much stuff to do. Renwe usually takes care of dinner.  After dinner we watch netflix and we go to bed around 10 pm. 


What is your most favorite room/place in the house and why?
The dining area. We love our big table. It's in the middle of the house. With a view to the garden. But we also love our bedroom and bathroom. We are very proud of the result. We designed it ourselves. It might be also because those 2 rooms are the only ones almost ready. 

Was it challenging to find your dream house? What were your requirements? 
We were actually not really searching. I was checking Funda. We were interested in another house (similar to this house) but that house was already sold. The real estate agency called us and told us there was another house available for sale soon. I remember we had 1 day in between Milan and Paris fashion week and we managed an appointment. From the moment we entered we knew it was ours. The high ceilings, the fire places. The historical elements, the space, the garden, the neighbourhood and the light. We had 3 hours to think about it. We made an offer and after 4 hours the agency called us to tell us we were the lucky ones. 

What is the key to real style?
Style is all about personality. It’s an expression of your individuality, so if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, then it won’t feel authentic. My style is quite diverse, but it’s always really recognizably me.


How does your fashion style influences your interior style?
When I was younger, I used to try a little bit too hard – I’d wear too many crazy prints or statement pieces all at once – but in recent years my look has become more sophisticated. Now, a typical outfit for me is a pair of boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt, but I’ll finish it off with some super-girly slingbacks. Comfort is the most important factor for me when I’m piecing together a look, so I live in denim. My interior style has changed over the years as well. Neutral tones and colors make me feel comfortable, relaxed. I invest in design pieces. Timeless items. 

Renwe’s selection of Wandler pieces for Linda 

His favorites: The Ava Kitten cream.

He thinks they are sexy but cool and comfortable. 

Linda's favorites